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ProtectionPro is a high-performance screen and body protection system for all types of devices—from legacy to the newest releases. ProtectionPro maintains a library of patterns for any mobile device on the market. Case-friendly and edge-to-edge patterns available for many models as well as protection for glass backs. Don’t order from eBay or Amazon to get a screen protector that may fit your hard to find for or newly released device.

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We use ClearPlex by Madico, a pioneer in cutting-edge protection technology. Madico is in the research, science, development, and manufacturing of high performance, complex, multilayer films engineered to exceed customer expectations. ClearPlex is well known in the automotive market for its film that guards windshields against common road hazards and debris.

Touchscreen Film Layers
  • Clear, doesn’t alter visibility or brightness
  • The slickest and smoothest shield on the market
  • Strong, won’t break and is impact resistant
  • Sensitive, maintains screen responsiveness
  • Flexible around curved edges
  • Self-healing to minor scratches and abrasions