Phone Repair Shop Claims Part 2: Quick Claim Deeds?

Phone Repair Shops and Misleading Claims

Some phone repair shops advertise and use phrases such as “Glass Only Repair Price” “Fast Phone Repair” “Lowest Price in Town” “Diagnostic Fee or Minimum Labor” “IMEI Cleaning for lost/stolen/financed phone”. This week we continue to call out these practices and break down some misleading claims.

Why? IT Tech Repair LLC believes in healthy competition among phone repair shops. But we also believe in higher standards in the mobile device repair industry. Nowadays, phones and other mobile devices are the passports to our lives. Just as when your car breaks down or the furnace at home goes out, your life is tossed on its ear as you try to deal with your broken phone. More so, if the repair is technical, you turn to someone else to fix it. It’s at this moment that you can be misled or taken advantage of. What you want is a trustworthy professional who gives straight forward and fair pricing, options and explanations. Don’t you want someone focused on solving your problem, not price gouging or upselling you in the process.

The IT Tech Solution:

We provide a professional office setting with superior customer service in which to have your phone repaired. No flashing lights, walls of cheap cases, cords and speakers. No standing behind someone arguing about their phone bill or trying to unlock a stolen phone. We have fair and open pricing that separates parts and labor. And we try to offer a range of repair options when possible. No minimum labor or diagnostic fee – you pay only for successful work performed. No misleading or confusing ads and phrasing.

Last week we discussed the glass only price gimmick. This week we discuss claims of quick repairs.

Fastest Repair in Town

Here’s a common claim made by many phone repair shops. Phones are important tools in our modern life both for work and pleasure. We don’t like to be long without them. So, when your phone breaks, claims of being the fastest phone repair shop has a marketing appeal. Who wouldn’t want to get their phone fixed as soon as possible?

But claiming to be the fastest repair shop in town is a rather meaningless and unsubstantiated claim. Here are some points to consider in choosing a repair shop and realistically evaluating how long to expect before your phone is fixed.

Stock Availability

It doesn’t matter how fast a repair technician can do the job when the replacement part isn’t in stock. So ask up front if the part is available. Most repair shops keep an adequate supply of iPhone screen assemblies in stock. iPhone screens are relatively inexpensive and there are only a few models on the market. All this means that it is easy and cost effective to keep a good inventory of iPhone screens on hand.

Android devices are a whole different story. There are many many different models and manufacturers. Plus, many of the displays are relatively expensive. For example, the cost of a display for a flagship Samsung device is typically 7 to 10 times higher than it’s iPhone counterpart model. And for midrange Android phones, the cost of the part and repair is close to the cost of simply buying a new phone. In some cases, the part may not even be available or must be gotten directly from China. As a result, a phone repair shop is less likely to have the part you need and would have to order it upon request.

Customer Service

Customer service has a lot to do with how long it takes going from broken phone to fixed phone. Want to do some price shopping before deciding where to take your phone? Good luck! Many phone repair shops still have the ridiculous practice of requiring you to call, submit an email or even come into the store for a repair quote – even for the most common and basic repairs like an iPhone screen replacement. In some situations this makes sense. But the majority of phone problems and their fix are predictable and routine. There is no reason not to list the most common repair prices online and in ads so that a frustrated customer without a working phone can get an idea of what it will cost and where to go.

Other customer service considerations include shop hours and availability, check-in process and work load and staff. Taking drop-ins is good. But some may want to schedule an appointment to avoid showing up and having to wait in line to be served. And does the shop offer expedited shipping options for parts not in stock? Does it offer after hour emergency repairs? In the end there are many customer service conveniences that can smooth and speed the road to a repaired phone.

In shop Repairs vs Outsourcing

Some repair shops outsource their repairs. Check beforehand what repairs your shop actually does on site.” It’s often the chain stores that offer repairs that outsource their repairs. Even the Apple Store in a lot of cases doesn’t do certain hardware repairs on site. You could end up wasting time and paying extra shipping fees at stores that won’t repair on site.

Repair Times

Once the phone or other mobile device is in the repair tech’s hand, we can now talk about actual repair time. Repair time varies with model of device, type of repair and technician’s experience. Any repair shop claiming the same repair time for any device and problem is simply lying. And any customer wanting any kind of repair done in less than an hour has some false expectations. Car mechanics don’t claim the same times for an oil change and rebuilding an engine. And most customers don’t expect their car’s transmission to be changed as quickly as their car battery. It’s important for both sides to have realistic expectations on repair times.

Also, no tech should just rush through a repair to be “the fastest.” Phones are small hi-tech devices that require precision and care during repair. The most experienced tech doing the most routine repair should still follow certain standards and procedures and not cut corners just to turn a repair around quickly.

With that said. Here’s some typical repair times for common phone repairs.

iPhone Screen Replacement

This is one of the quickest repairs. For a textbook case, an experienced tech should be able to do an iPhone screen repair (4,5,6,7 and 8 series models) in less than 30 minutes. The average repair time is probably 15 minutes with the iPhone 7,7+,8 and 8+ taking closer to 20 to 30 minutes. This quick repair time doesn’t mean it’s a simple procedure. Someone who’s never done the repair could take an hour or two and easily damage the phone in the process.

If the housing is bent or damaged, the screen replacement time could be significantly longer. A damaged housing can prevent the new screen assembly from fitting properly in the phone. A tech who tries to cram the new screen into a bad housing is setting the customer up for future problems. A bad housing may need to be bent back into shape, dents smoothed out or the housing replaced altogether.

iPhone Battery, Charge port, Speaker replacements

In general, switching out one of the primary peripheral parts on an iPhone such as the battery or charge port usually takes about the same amount of time as a screen replacement or just a bit longer. Among this group, replacing the power or volume buttons can take the longest but still under an hour.

iPad Repairs

iPad repairs take longer than most iPhone repairs. iPhone screens clip into the housing and are held in by two end screws. So, it’s relatively easy to remove the two screws and pop up the screen to gain access inside the phone. In contrast, iPad screens are held onto the housing by strong adhesives. That adhesion must be heated and carefully removed just to access the inside of the device while not damaging other working parts. And it takes additional care to preserve the existing screen for reuse.

Many repair shops have developed a really fast and efficient method for extracting the screen of an iPad. Nevertheless, the best methods still take longer than an iPhone. So, most iPad repairs are not going to be done in less than 45 minutes to an hour. However, same day or next day services are reasonable claims for shops that have a good method for more quickly removing the screen.

Some iPads and even more iPods have batteries and other parts that are soldered onto the logic board rather than clip on with dock connectors. This definitely adds extra repair time to the job.

Android Repairs

Repair time on Android devices has a wide range because they are so many different models and designs. In general, Android repairs will be more like iPad repairs because there’s often more adhesion and heating as well as re-adhering parts involved. There are some notable exceptions, but most newer phones are becoming glass and glue sandwiches that can be quite tricky to get inside of and repair. Some designs are such that renders the phone nearly impractical to repair. Some parts can’t be replaced without a high risk of damaging the good parts that cover or surround them.

Because of the greater number of models of Android devices and their oftentimes difficult repairability, there’s generally fewer repair techs experienced in repair of a particular model or manufacturer. It’s good to quiz the repair shop about their experience with your particular make and model. A great iPhone repair tech could be a disaster at an Android repair.

Water Damage Cleaning and Microsoldering and Board Level Repairs

Quite frankly, any repair spending an hour or less of actual repair time a water damage cleaning is taking your money. Period. A proper water damage cleaning takes time. The entire logic board should be removed, cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and inspected under a microscope to make any board level repairs that are necessary. Check out our page on Water Damage Cleaning Repair to see what all is involved.

Most board level repairs also take time. Here, much of that time can be in the diagnostic phase. The microsoldering procedure itself can be fairly quick. Often the tech is working under a microscope testing board components in a circuit to find out what is at fault. Next day or couple day service turn around time is usually reasonable.

The IT Tech Solution:

We don’t claim to be the fastest in town. Instead, we perform quality work in the appropriate time it takes to do a particular repair on a particular make and model. And we are clear up front with what exactly we plan to do and what the different repair scenarios may be. We also are good at keeping you updated throughout the process. From ordering parts to post-repair testing and billing, we have a real-time ticket system that keeps you informed along the way – through texts and emails and your own IT Tech account. You don’t have to ever wonder what’s up with your repair or call to ask when it’s going to be done.

Our exceptional customer service makes the repair process smooth and efficient. You can easily get pricing, schedule an appointment or drop by. We have a convenient Online Repair Shop where you can look up part availability for regular stock parts and even pre-pay for the repair online. We also offer after hour emergency repairs. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted to make payment a breeze.

Finally, we keep well stocked in iPhone screen replacements and other common iPhone parts. For Android devices, we do not regularly stock parts. But we can locate and order parts quickly. And we offer expedited shipping options.