IT Tech Repair LLC is an independent mobile device and electronic repair shop. We are not an authorized service center for any device manufacturer or cellular network provider. As such, we are free to perform a wide variety of repairs and modifications that authorized service centers may be prohibited from performing and often at a much better price. We believe in the Right To Repair. You own the device, so you get to decide who works on it and what they do to it. Be aware that many manufacturers do not feel the same way. Thus, IT Tech Repair LLC is not responsible for any claimed warranty or service voids due to third party repairs to your device.

Our Parts

Unless stated specifically, IT Tech Repair LLC uses quality aftermarket parts in its repairs. We strive to locate the best quality and compatible parts available on the market. However, IT Tech Repair LLC can not be held responsible for performance issues that arise if a manufacturer changes code, such as through a software update, that intentionally or inadvertently disables or degrades the performance of aftermarket parts. If you prefer, IT Tech Repair LLC can source out original new or used OEM parts for your repair. Please note that OEM parts can be significantly higher in price and not readily available in stock. As another option, we allow you to use your own replacement parts in the repair in which case you are charged only for the labor cost.

Special Orders

When a repair requires a part not regularly kept in stock, a special order can be made. For special orders the full price of the part must be paid in advance. Parts are ordered after the payment is made, and it generally takes 3-5 business days to receive it if the part is available domestically. Expedited shipping is available for an additional cost. Once the part is ordered, there is no refund for the part if you then decide not to have the repair performed. However, any prepayment on labor is refundable minus a $10.00 processing fee. If it turns out that the part ordered based on our diagnosis does not correct the primary issue with your device, then we will return that part and give you a refund (less shipping charges) or apply it as store credit towards another part or labor. Batteries, however, are not refundable.

Primary Repair Issue

Repairs, warranties and refunds are based on the primary issue only. The primary issue is the physical damage and/or performance issue that is reported at the time the device is brought in for repair. If during the repair an unreported issue is observed, such as water damage, that may alter the warranty or the overall economic feasibility of the repair, then the customer will be consulted prior to completing the originally planned repair.

Warranty Claims

Below are warranty details for specific repair types. On all warranty claims, IT Tech Repair LLC must be given a fair chance to correct the problem by replacing a potentially defective part or making repair adjustments to resolve the issue and honor the warranty. Money refunds on warranty claims are not automatically given without first allowing IT Tech Repair LLC to correct the issue. Do-it-yourself attempts or work by any other repair shop not authorized by IT Tech Repair LLC completely voids all warranties. Refunds are made to the original credit card used for payment, or by check if the customer paid by cash or check.

iPhone Screen Replacements

There is a 6 month warranty for defective LCD display assembly when IT Tech Repair LLC part is used; there is no warranty on non IT Tech Repair LLC parts.

This warranty is void for physical or water damage occurring after our repair or after repairs performed by anyone other than IT Tech Repair LLC.

There is no warranty for issues existing before or after the screen replacement that is not directly related to a defective display assembly. If function or performance issues persist after two subsequent screen replacements, then the underlying problem is assumed to be a board, software or compatibility issue not covered by this warranty.

There is no warranty for complaints in minor differences between original OEM and aftermarket display assemblies. Please note that aftermarket displays often have a bluer hue, are slightly thicker (making the home button feel slightly indented), have a different glass finish and may exhibit differences in touch sensitivity. For those whom these differences are not not acceptable, OEM displays can be sourced at a premium price; otherwise, consent of the standard aftermarket qualities is implied by paying for the repair.

If a phone with a replacement LCD display assembly is not functioning properly but the LCD display assembly is otherwise in good condition with no cracks or scratches, IT Tech Repair LLC will at your request remove the replacement display assembly and refund its cost (parts only not labor) and reinstall a broken display assembly or leave the phone as is without a display.

Battery and Charge Port Replacements

There is a 30 day warranty on all battery and charge port replacements. Both battery and charge port performance can be significantly compromised by user habit and use of non-OEM charging cords and adapters. Therefore, a limited 30 day warranty is offered on battery and charge port replacements.

Water Damage Cleaning Repair

There is no warranty on water damage cleaning and repairs.

Microsoldering and Board Level Repairs

Microsoldering and board level repair work is for data recovery only. While the process to recover your data often leaves a working device, we do not guarantee or warranty a working device in this situation.

Soldering for customized work

IT Tech Repair LLC does not perform customized or modding work beyond the manufacturer’s specifications for a device. However, we will perform soldering work you may need done in the process of you customizing, building or prototyping a device. In these cases we guarantee that our solder joints are good and that there is proper continuity for parts and wires that we connect to a circuit board. We do not guarantee the final outcome of your project or give refunds on our soldering work if your overall project does not go as planned.

No-Fix No-Pay Policy

We perform extensive post-repair tests to see that the primary issue you had with your device is resolved. Only if the primary issue is resolved do you pay the full repair price. After the device leaves our repair lab, the applicable warranty for your repair then applies. Our No-Fix No Pay policy for water damage cleaning repairs applies unqualified only to our ultrasonic board cleaning. If because of the water damage, microsoldering board level work was required beyond the ultrasonic cleaning then the next item applies. On all microsoldering and board level repairs other than solder reflow-only repairs we charge a $35 non refundable labor fee whether the repair is successful or not.